Hi There! Welcome to Brenda Lakeman Photography.

Lets tell your story!

I am art school grad with a passion for all things creative and athletic. I am in love photography, printmaking, ceramics and running triathlons.  At my core I am a visual artist and I want to create photographs that tell your story. 

I want to capture your style, your personality, your favorite time of day, the places, and the things and the people you love!  Your family, your business, your artwork, your graduation, your wedding, your memories, your big day!

I want to make you shine!

Let’s capture the special moments in your life, from the thrill of graduation, to the birth of a child.  I specialize in editorial, commercial, advertising and portrait photography that tells a visual story through time, light, style, personality and emotion.  Lets tell the story about your business and family, let’s capture the special moments in your life.  Let talk some more!  - Email me at info@brendalakeman.com

Located St. Albert, Alberta